Medication Therapy Management and Consultation Services

Medication Therapy Management and Consultation Services

We conduct a thorough medication therapy review (MTR) through the following guidelines;

  • ❑ When interviewing a patient, employ effective communication skills to overcome communication barriers
  • ❑ Complete a personal medication record (PMR)
  • ❑ Develop a medication-related action plan (MAP)
  • ❑ Document medication therapy management (MTM) services in a manner that allows for evaluating patients’ progress, billing, and tracking clinical and financial outcomes.
  • ❑ Create a plan for patient follow-up.
  • ❑ Assess patient-specific data (including lab reports, Genetic Typing) and issues, and interpret these findings to identify medication-related problems.
  • ❑ Develop a patient problem list and a list of the patient’s medication-related problems.
  • ❑ Establish goals of therapy for each medical condition and medication-related problem identified.
  • ❑ Make recommendations for resolving situations in which a patient’s medications are potentially inappropriate.
  • ❑ Discuss the elements of an effective medication therapy recommendation to another health care practitioner (PCP, Specialists, etc.).
  • ❑ Describe the medication use, concerns and adverse drug events that are more common in elderly patients.
  • ❑ Account for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics changes when reviewing pediatric and elderly person’s medication regimen.
  • ❑ This review process ensures you take the barest minimum of the most effective medication over the shortest time possible with the least side effect for your individualized condition.
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4. Counseling and Delivery-Free

Contact us through any media (walk-in, Telephone and Email) with any questions regarding your health and well being and we would readily provide you with the most accurate and updated information you can ever get. This service is FREE of charge.

DuPont Circle Pharmacy is known for quality drugs, great knowledge, and attentive customer service. We can help you find what you need in prescription medication and alternatives based on your health needs. We will work with your primary care doctor or specialist in navigating complex complex third party prior authorization requirements, so you can have your prescriptions filled with no stress. That leaves you time and peace of mind to focus on your path to better health.

When your prescription is a non-formularly, we owe it a duty to reach out to your prescriber to discuss setting up a prior authorization with your insurance and to offer alternate but effective substitute, which may likely be covered by your insurance.

Our FREE delivery services are convenient and available at DuPont Circle Pharmacy. When you think of free consultation service, we know that DuPont Circle Pharmacy will be the first name that comes to mind in our vibrant community, because you won’t find a better caring team anywhere else.

DuPont Circle Pharmacy doors are open to you and your dear ones. Our success in diabetics management is based on our commitment to customer health. Your feedback is important to us because meeting your needs is our top priority. For professional pharmacy services, we are the place to go.

Check out what DuPont Circle Pharmacy has to offer today.

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Other Services: As experts in pharmacy services, our pharmacists are available to answer all questions about your prescription medications and pricing. Your health matters and we strive to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. We respond to all questions regarding your general health. Always remember that this is your community pharmacy!

We watch out for your co-pays and definitely research all manufacturer brand drugs copay assistance programs to make it easier to afford your medication and to start treatment as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our skills and knowledge.

DuPont Circle Pharmacy takes pride in medication synchronization. That cuts down the number of trips you have to make to pick up your maintenance medications, giving you more precious time to spend with family and loved ones. Our doors are opened to serve you.

Do you want to schedule an appointment with one of our trusted pharmacist to discuss your healthcare needs at your convenience?. We definitely love to do that and to work with you!. When will walk with you on your path to better health. This is our pride at DuPont Circle Pharmacy.

Come on and let's work together.

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